Welcome to Luminosity Design Co. It's so nice to meet you.

From our Founder, Kimberly:

I'm Kimberly, a full-time graphic designer, part-time yoga teacher, avid traveler, and devout coffee drinker.

Luminosity Design Co's mission is true to it's name - providing luminous, unique, and true-to-you design and websites for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs.

You're working hard to pursue your passion. Sending countless emails, maintaining social media channels, building relationships, and staying up late. Sound familiar? The last thing you need to deal with is figuring out how to create a logo and build your website.

I'm here to make your life easier. You deserve a logo, website, and brand that gives a stunning first impression.

I understand the challenge.

In 2015 I traveled to India to pursue my yoga passion. Six weeks later, I left India with a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher education. I started teaching classes right away!

I supported my yoga teaching by maintaining a 40-hour per week job, dabbling in my own own design "side-gig," practicing yoga, attending to my amazing friends and family, and growing my relationship with my now fiance, Alex.

The burnout was real.

So I took a chance and left my job to grow my side-gig into a full time dream. Here I am ... This is exactly what you can do, too!

Work with Luminosity to jumpstart the process and get your business up and running. I’ll help you create a stunning brand that fits your unique needs.


Enjoy my free Word resume templates. Get them here.

Hi, I'm Kimberly!

Hi, I'm Kimberly!