25 Yoga Class Theme Ideas

Easy yoga theme ideas:

yoga class theme ideas
Photography by Juliana Moscoso-Hunter

We've all been to that class. The class that where postures are seamlessly strung together, paired with the most moving playlist, topped off with a message from the teacher that reaches you to the core. We leave class wondering how this human became to be such a dream of a yoga teacher; did they study with a Guru? Have they completed a degree in psychology? Have they gone on a serious spiritual quest or studied at an Ashram in India?

Chances are, they are probably just regular people who have a passion and gift for teaching yoga.

Just like you!

As a yoga teacher, you are able and ready to deliver a class just like this one. Yes, you. Think about your dream class - what elements do you crave? Is it a playlist that energizes and reflects the movement of class? Is it the perfect pace and spot-on alignment cues? Is it creative prompts from the teacher to take your posture deeper? Or perhaps a message that resonates with each and every person in the room?

Maybe it is all of the above.

To achieve your dream yoga class as a teacher, you must work on your craft with intention and determination. Keep reviewing your alignment cues. Double check your playlist and continue to search for new and interesting songs. Read books about spirituality and the history of yoga. Take lots of yoga classes to generate a wealth of transitions.

For me, the absolute hardest part of planning a yoga class comes down to one thing: the message or theme.

Creating a Theme For Your Vinyasa Yoga Class

Let me just say - it is absolutely not required to create a theme or message for your yoga class. I’ve been to many (many) yoga classes that focus purely on alignment, which is great because every student - beginner or seasoned yoga - should focus on alignment to prevent injury.

However, in my experience weaving in a theme to your alignment-focused flow is the cherry on top of a fantastic yoga experience.

Where to start?

First, make it resonate with your own heart. Students can see right through a fabricated message. Say you decide to theme your class around heartbreak and healing, yet you’ve never experienced a major heartbreak in your life (lucky you!). It’s going to be awfully hard to boast a message about a loss of love and healing if you haven’t truly experienced it.

Take something that makes sense to you... and then make it 100% not about you. Going through a major life change? Closing a door, opening another? Great! Talk about that, but make it generic so that everyone who has ever pivoted in life can relate.

Tip: try not to bring up personal stories in class to supplement your message or theme. It’s not about you; you are there to serve your students along their yogic journey and often times a personal story is distracting.

Second, weave it in. Once you’ve decided on a message or theme for your class, try not to over do it. Perhaps you mention it at the beginning of class when you instruct your students to set an intention. Offer up your message as an intention. Then maybe work it into the conversation when they are in the peak pose of class, breathing heavily and tired. Perhaps you tie it all back together at the end of class when students are stretching or resting.

yoga theme ideas

To get you started, here are 25 of my favorite theme ideas for your vinyasa yoga class:

  1. Heart opener

  2. Let something go

  3. Strength (physical, mental, emotional)

  4. Flexibility (physical, mental, emotional)

  5. Forgiveness

  6. Self-compassion

  7. Listening to your body

  8. Creating space

  9. Growth

  10. Patience

  11. Ahimsa (non-violence)

  12. Graceful - slow and in control

  13. Slowing things down

  14. Drishti

  15. Ananda (bliss/joy)

  16. Playfulness

  17. Beginner-mindset/try something new

  18. Focus (drishti)

  19. Disconnect to connect

  20. Community

  21. Prana (breath)

  22. Cultivate love

  23. Manifest peace

  24. Surrender

  25. One of the 8 limbs of yoga:

    1. Yama

    2. Niyama

    3. Asana

    4. Pranayama

    5. Pratyahara

    6. Dharana

    7. Dhyana

    8. Samadhi

One more tip: try taking one of these theme examples and journal about it. Make it a stream of consciousness - just let yourself write for 4-5 minutes. Then, take a look at what words, phrases, or ideas you might've repeated. Let those be your focus. 

If you're really worried and nervous about speaking on a "deep" topic in front of a lot of people, keep it simple! I'd suggest picking something highly relatable like "disconnecting to connect." Encourage your students to realize they gifted themselves 60 minutes, without their phone, just for themselves. Help them let all of the likes, comments, photos, and connection behind for an hour so they can simply breathe.

Another great starting point is to theme your class around the breath. That's what yoga is all about anyway, right? 

yoga class themes

You are teaching yoga for a reason - find your voice and teach with confidence.

Love + light,


P.S. What are your favorite yoga class themes? I'd love to hear them! Comment below.