The best yoga clothing brands you haven’t heard of (yet)

Yoga Clothing Brands for Yoga Teachers and Students That Aren't Lululemon:

If you’re like me, you’re hitting your mat at least 3-4 times a week. Maybe you’re teaching on top of that, making it safe to assume you’re wearing yoga clothing a lot of the time. And unless you have a generous disposable income, it’s not easy to spend $100 on yoga pants when you need several pairs!

I have done a lot of research on yoga clothing brands that offer affordable, durable, and ethical clothing for yoga teachers and students.

My favorite brands are made in the USA, offer wonderful customer service, have occasional discounts, and last a long time.

GTS Clothing (Greater Than Sports)

I have only amazing things to say about Greater Than Sports. Their customer service is so great that I feel like I know all of them personally (which I don’t, of course). I love their positive vibes on social media and all of the exclusive discounts given.

Products: GTS offers tanks, tees, long-sleeves, leggings, and men’s clothing. Their selection isn’t huge but it is constantly expanding. I have personally ordered several of the leggings and one tank top. The leggings are a staple in my yoga wardrobe, while the tank top is a durable, basic black tank top. I can wear all of them over and over and over and over… you get the picture.


Pricing: This is one reason why I love GTS. The pricing isn’t necessarily cheap, but it’s definitely affordable yoga clothing. Keep an eye out for discounts by signing up for emails and following them on social media.

My rating: 5/5! Not only are the styles on-trend, easy to move in, durable, and affordable, everything is made right at their store in the USA. Now that’s a business I can get behind!


What’s not to love about Montiel? The minute you enter their site you absorb their brand personality: beautiful, carefully-made, and exclusive clothing. Like GTS, they don’t offer a huge selection of clothing, but rather offer yogis a few killer styles.

Products: I’ve ordered 2 tank-tops from Montiel and continue to wear them over and over again. I get compliments on them both - not only is the tank design gorgeous (those straps!), but I have one in pink and people love it! I never have to worry about adjusting the top while I teach or attend class. These are quality tank-tops, people.

I have yet to try the leggings but want to very, very soon. More to come!

Pricing: I think Montiel’s pricing is extremely reasonable. Everything is made right in California, so you’re guaranteed quality products without having to worry about unethical work conditions in factories overseas. Watch for sales and promotions. Occasionally you’ll find a great deal!

My rating: 5/5. Quality garments, eye-catching designs, and USA-made. It’s a win-win.

Beyond Yoga

You might’ve already heard of this brand, but I want to feature it anyway. I ordered some Spacedye leggings from Beyond Yoga and I can’t bring myself to take them off.

These leggings are the SOFTEST and most comfortable leggings I have ever, ever worn. Seriously.

I want to wear them to work, to yoga class, while I teach, and to sleep. Looks like I'll be buying another pair soon.

Products: I have the Spacedye leggings. Amazing.

Pricing: High. With this brand, you pay for what you get. The higher price = amazing quality. Look for promo codes and sales!

Rating: 5/5. Wait, 6/5.

Liv & Lola

Okay, I know Liv & Lola doesn’t sell only clothing, but I wanted to include it here because of ethical reasons. Liv & Lola is an absolutely amazing company! Out of Vancouver and Nicaragua, the ladies at Liv & Lola decided to make beautiful products at an ethical rate. Best summed up on their website:

we wanted to do meaningful work; to start a sustainable business where ethics ruled and aesthetics was not sacrificed.”

All of their products are produced with artists they know at factories with fair working conditions. I bought a tank top through them around the time of the Orlando nightclub shooting, and all of the profits went toward the victims and families. I was truly moved by their effort. This feeling was amplified when I found they also included a handwritten note in my package. Talk about people that actually care!

Products: I have one tank top (it says “Fear Less Love More”) and I adore it. I probably wear it once a week. I get compliments on it every single time and I take pride in letting people know where it came from.


Pricing: Extremely fair.

Rating: 5/5. These are women you can trust!

So, there you have it: 4 yoga clothing companies I have discovered in the last year that have made an impression on me.

I know there are thousands of yoga clothing companies out there (that aren’t Lululemon). What companies are your favorites? Let me know in the comments below!

Love + Light